China Bunny Crushing Videos Photos China as a “flesh search

Bunny-crushing videos causes online stir in China bunny crushing, bunny crushing video,,,
A “crush fetishists” group has caused an online storm in China by uploading graphic videos showing attractive Chinese women crushing small rabbits.

Furious web-users, launched what is known in China as a “flesh search” — a type of online vigilantism which revealed that a group of animal-crushing enthusiasts was organising and financing the videos, according to reports.
WHAT is the punishment for animal cruelty??? WHAT is the punishment for oppressing the weak and the defenseless??

It’s just so sad. Just imagine what the little animals were going through. Bewilderment, terror, pain and…
I hope the parents of the ‘attractive’ women can ‘sense’ what their children have done. The saying of ‘You can’t tell a book by it’s cover’ is only too true. Let’s hope this atrocity will haunt these ‘attractive, young’ Chinese women for a long, long, long time.

“Flesh-search them! Uncover these rabbit abuse women and spit on them,” said another.

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