Tips To Save Time During Document Verification At Bishop Kalyani Nagar School

Save time during document verification at Bishop kalyani nagar. Yes you need at least 3 hours to get your turn to get your document verified. Why its taking this much time just for 100 documents per day and there are about 3-4 windows. To save your time during document verification at Bishop School, keep the documents in order, ie first transport survey slip (you will get this at bishop school admin section), then Rs. 500 slip, application form, birth certificate(If name of child/parents is not in English then affidavit in English is required) then residence proof and lastly studio size photograph (preference is with white or blue background).

Then get all xerox copies attested.
This process saves lot of time for parents as well as the person sitting at counter, since there is first level of screening done.
Well When visited bishop school at kalyani nagar, There is token system. You get token and you have to wait for your turn. I guess kalyani nagar bishop school need to increase their staff if they stick to this token system or follow Bishop undri process. At bishop kalyani nagar parents are directly allowed to visit the counter once their token number is announced, and then the person sitting at counter checks and verifies each and every thing which takes at least half an hour for each person and for typical one takes one hour also.
Well If you want to save your time during document verification at Bishop kalyani nagar then, prepare the documents checklist and keep the documents in following order,

  1. Transport survey slip
  2. Rs.500 slip
  3. application form
  4. birth certificate
  5. residence proof
  6. family photo (studio size, with white background)

Get all xerox copies attested. Go to school sharp at 9AM. Get the token and depending on token you can come back later, ie calculate 15minutes as average time per person. so if you got token number as 10 come after one and half hour.
Well there are also pending forms comes and goes directly to counter, ie previous day some pending documents.
After all these hurdle and three hours time spent at bishop kalyani nagar you get one small slip(less than 1/4th of paper size) as acknowledge slip.

Well I have went with all these preparations and for me its just 4 minutes time taken at counter but the wait time is 3 hours.
You need to carry this slip and all documents in original while going for Interactive Session at school
Good luck to all parents, please share your experiences as well. It will be helpful if you can share Interactive Session questions and answers if you are selected. Also did any one have experience about document verification at bishop school camp area, please do share.

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