Oneness TamilNadu Youth Mahadeeksha – II

Now the long awaited Tamilnadu Mahadeeskha II is planned for next month at Oneness university temple

Objective of the Mahadeeksha is to journey towards unconditional freedom. The participants undertake a 4.5 day journey to become free of limiting past conditioning and emotional charges that have ruled them through life. A charge is an impression on consciousness which has been formed as a result of a painful experience through life. They manifest as repetitive patterns of pain, hurt, fear, conflict and depression through life. They prevent us from experiencing love in relationships and joy in the present moment. In fact they increase thought noise to the extent you start craving inner silence and peace. They also become obstacles on the path of your progress towards designed goals.

Mahadeeksha IIÂ is based in the powerful teachings of Sri Amma Bhagavan which, when applied could lead you to liberation. The Mahadeeksha is fuelled by the power of Deeksha, which has its source in Sri Amma and Bhagavan’s consciousness. Aided by a series of practices and processes, the teachings become direct personal experiences.

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