Hello World!! Yet Again :-)

After long break of SEVEN years from bolmamabol.com, finally I am here. Its been difficult time without Adsense :-). Well now thanks to infolinks. they have approved this domain. I guess, I will never go back to Adsense now.

Long story short. My account was blocked by Adsense in 2013. Despite all my efforts, it was not activated. Then I went on doing my regular job. But I had always this feeling that something was missing. Yes those $$ checks was cream on cake. But deep down big space was created, That space was ‘writing’. Yes sharing with the world about blogging experiences and tricks.

Its been dramatic change in blogging, the way SEO was used back in 2012 and now. Back then content was king and video was just introduced. Now with advancement of technology and easy access to it, gave birth to Netflix. Yes I am Netflix lover and Now Disney too coming up with video streaming service cant wait to see it.

I am getting so much emotions and thoughts while putting here. There is lot to share. This is also making me sense that, I lost my writing skills. Well I guess that is reason I kept this blog alive. Yes this month domain will expire and before that, I am gonna renew it for good.

Words are not coming out and yet there is lot to share. Thanks to google for continuously changing rules on search engine, I guess I have not lost that much. Well “Hello World”! Yet again and keep the spirit up.

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