Two PAKISTAN Two Innocent Brothers Killed In Sialkot Live Video

youtube pakistan sialkot bother video; Share your views? PAKISTAN TWO BROTHERS KILLED VIDEO. two innocent brothers killed in sialkot. sialkot qatal movie. Sialkot Two Brother Kill Youtube Video: Humanity has been disgraced in sialkot under the open sky in the blessing month of ramdan in front of senseless people. one brother hafize quran 19 years old other one just a 15 years old this this total sign of inhumanity.
Sialkot Two Brother Kill Video, 2 Brother Beating Video
In Sialkot, Pakistan, people tried to take justice in their own hands by teaching a lesson to two brothers, a bit too brutally, for injuring four people at a cricket match.

The incident took place when two brothers ended up in a brawl in a local cricket match and they ended up injuring four people. The charged mob got out-raged and started beating the two brothers. The beating got so brutal that the two brothers lost their lives and all the people of Sialkot considered it a lesson well taught.

There was even a police officer present at the event but he did nothing to stop the beating.
The Sialkot beatings and eventual killings have sparked up resentment amongst the people of Pakistan for such lawlessness.

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Two Innocent Brothers Killed In Sialkot Live Video….part2

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