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The Cameroon G.C.E. board result Updates at

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The Cameroon G.C.E. Board Results 2010 GCE 2010 Result Updates

The Cameroon G.C.E. 2009 board result Updates.

Q. When will the results for cameroon GCE 2009 be released?
A. The site is not mentioned anywhere, may be announced at
The Cameroon GCE examinations results are expected on or before end of first week of August 2009.
The Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board is a para public establishment of an administrative nature.
Cameroon organise the following examinations:

  1. the General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level – General Subjects
  2. the General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level – General Subjects
  3. the General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level – Technical Subjects
  4. the General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level – Technical Subjects

For details on results of GCE A level exam and GCE O level exam visit GCE Board website at

contact Cameroon GCE Board
PMB 10000, Buea
Fako Division
South West Region
Tel:+237 33 32 21 12  OR  +237 77 93 42 12

CAMEROON GCE O LEVEL Results 2010 | Cameroon Gce Ordinary Level

31 Jul 2010 2010 GCE CAMEROON center and order of merit; Cameroon Gce Results 2010 And Centers In Order Of Merit Center Number 1075 Ordinary Levels

Gce A Level Results 2010 Cameroon | Center And Order Of Merit

31 Jul 2010 Here is update on Gce A Level Results 2010 Cameroon | Center And Order Of Merit | Cameroon GCE Advanced Level Results

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  1. need to know my results of gce ordinary level.

    1. admin says:

      CAMEROON GCE BOARD site The 16-year-old Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board released its 2008 Examinations results in August 2008 Last year.Similarly, the GCE board is likely to publish the 2009 year results also in the first week of August-2009 .. Will update for direct links for results soon,
      related : cameroon G C E result for 2009 season. cameroon GCE result 2009 on internet.
      cameroon GCE2009 Examinations results.list of 2009 Cameroon GCE result. EXAM RESULTS: JUNE 2009 CAMEROON GCE RESULTS .
      cameron gce board result2009. Cameroon gce 2009 results. cameroon certificate of education broad.
      CAMEROON G C E results list 2009
      cameroon post or GCE advanced level results.

  2. […] the rest here: The Cameroon G.C.E. board Result 2009 Updates at … Share and […]

  3. Any information on the 2010 GCE ? Hope to get updates soon. thanks

  4. […] The Cameroon G.C.E. Board Results 2010 GCE 2010 Result Updates About GCE Advanced Level The Advanced Level General Certificate of Education, commonly referred to as an A-level, is a qualification offered by education institutions in England, Northern Ireland, Cameroon and Wales. It is also offered by a small minority of institutions, typically private, in Scotland, where students usually take Highers and Advanced Highers of the Scottish Qualifications Certificate instead. A levels are usually studied over a two year period and are widely recognised around the world, as well as being the standard entry qualification for assessing the suitability of applicants for academic courses in UK universities. […]

  5. Tacham Alexis says:

    I will like to have my 1288 in lyce bilingue Foumbot.

  6. Fondo Boris says:

    Like to have my result for “o”level 2010 center 1288 Lyce bilingue de Foumbot.

  7. akongnui hanson atangha says:

    i wish 2 get my results 4 the 2008 session of the gce

    1. Boris says:

      i will like to get my gce o level results for, 2010 centewr number 1404 globiccol kumba in my email address

      1. admin says:

        will update, once the results are declared

  8. admin says:

    Cameroon GCE Board Results 2010 Updates; Cameroon GCE Results 2010 CAMEROON GCE Result Day GCE Board Results

    The written and final part of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) examinations which kicked off last 31 May round up on 17 June.
    The marking exercise is expected to begin on 28 June when chief examiners will lay ground work. Examiners will effectively embrace the exercise 29 June and for seven days running, the marking of Ordinary Level papers will be over while the Advanced Level will take eight days.

    Important Note from GCE board
    Over the years there has been this alternation of marking between Bamenda and Buea for the Sciences or Arts subjects. That is to say if the Sciences were marked in the North West last year, then, this year, they will be marked in the South West.

  9. sofa meji jeol says:

    Please, i would like to know my results for A level 2010, the center number is 1161. external.

  10. Kengah Emile says:

    will like to be informed when the results are published. Please sent me the website for the results

  11. FRANK AKO EBAI says:

    please i will like to have the web page of the result so as to get my results from the GHS LIMBE

  12. Wiysahnyuy Raissa Kalamai says:

    I am searching for my GCE results number 1032.Saint Augustine’s College Nso

  13. armel says:

    i wish to have my GCE results number 1009.GBPHS YAOUNDE

  14. zanga paul yanick says:

    i will like to have my results of the gce examination session 2010 center number 1367 gbss bafia mbam

  15. Nfon Christabel winkar says:

    i wish to have my results for GCE techical advance level 2010 session


    please can i have my gce ordinary level result now at center 1236

  17. suh bertrand fru says:

    would like to have my gce advance level results now please at centre number 1038

  18. atanga mildred ngehla says:

    I’ll like to know ma results . Center nr is 1291 etug-ebe external

  19. I need to know the result of center 1179 Tombel extenal

    1. please can i have my gce ordinary level result now at center 1226

  20. Eugine abroh says:

    I wish to know the o level result of my sister.Her name is Andong Karine Abroko center number 1005

  21. Eugine abroh says:

    I wish to get my sisters result for o level 2010 center number 1005

  22. JOHN ATABONG says:

    I would like to have my results of the A-level 2010

  23. STEVE says:


  24. Mbah Renart Agwa says:

    i will like to be informed about my sisters results. center number:2005

  25. minette njimi says:

    Will like to get the results on center number 1032

  26. minette njimi says:

    Will like to get the results of center number 1032

  27. result for center no.2098

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