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Tata Chemicals launches a new Water Purifier , to provide totally safe drinking water in a very cost effective way.

The water purifier requires neither energy nor running water to operate. It offers safe drinking water for a family of five at Rs.30 per month. It is equipped with a replaceable filter, based on low-cost natural ingredients. Its replaceable bulb is priced at Rs.299.

The product is in two variants, priced at Rs.749 and Rs.999 respectively. It is to be launched in Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal by the year-end, and across the nation in six months.

Ratan Tata, the Tata Group chairman, said the group companies were working in concert to launch the product. He said that the social cost of water-contamination was enormous, and rose every year. So in order to make safe drinking water available to the common man, the new water purifier has been launched.

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