Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstars Delhi Audition 20th August 2010 Zee Tv

watch here Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstars [Delhi Audition] – 20th August 2010; Saregamapa Singing Superstars 20th August Dehli Auditions, Hemant Brijwasi Saregamapa Little Masters Winner came on the show today.
Delhi mai doo chije mashoor hai, Gana aur Khana..started with Harnoor Singh (RAAG SINDHI BHARVAI), ban gaya rising star, with comments like your voice is unique and not matching with anyone.. waa waa..
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstars Mumbai Audition video; sa re ga ma pa singing superstars 20 august.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstars yputube video Mumbai Audition

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstars Delhi Audition part 3; sa re ga ma pa full episode 20th august 2010.
sa re gama 20th august.

SRGMP Auditionds video; listen here for I love you – Shekhar.. and some more funny songs video.. like bhole o bhole..

haalat kai kadamo pai sikandar nahi girata
tute bhi agar tara too jami pai nahi girata
badi shook sai girati hai lahare samander mai
magar samandar kabhi lahro mai nahi girata..

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstars [Audition] – 20th August 2010 – Part6;
zee saregamapa 2010 auditions videos; saregamapa 20th august, 2010

tvs saregamapa 2010 auditions 20th august results

Today’s winners Pankaj Namdev, Harnoor Singh, Kamal Khan, Khurram Iqbal and few other contestants were selected for Saregamapa Mega Auditions where they will fight to get into Top18 Saregamapa Contestants.

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