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NATAS Holidays 2010 Qatar Airways Singapore Special Offers

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Here is info about NATAS Holidays 2010 Qatar Airways Singapore Special Offers Air Fares for economy class and business class

From Singapore Economy Class starting from Business Class starting from
Abu Dhabi SGD 1,030 SGD 2,930
Athens SGD 1,080 SGD 4,675
Bali* SGD 255 SGD 520
Buenos Aires SGD 3,045 SGD 9,040
Copenhagen SGD 1,120 SGD 4,825
Dubai SGD 930 SGD 2,930
Frankfurt SGD 1,220 SGD 4,685
Istanbul SGD 1,075 SGD 4,620
London SGD 1,250 SGD 4,915
Moscow SGD 1,115 SGD 4,660
Muscat SGD 1,020 SGD 4,115
New York JFK SGD 1,665 SGD 6,460
Paris SGD 1,165 SGD 4,775
Sao Paulo SGD 2,735 SGD 8,835
Stockholm SGD 1,115 SGD 4,660
Washington DC SGD 1,665 SGD 6,460

National Association of Travel Agents Singapore, NATAS presents

NATAS Expo Aug 2010

NATAS Holidays 27 – 29 August 2010 @ Singapore Expo Halls 3B, 4 & 5

Terms and Conditions

  • Offers valid on
  • Note that above offers are valid for sales during 15th August – 03rd September 2010 and considered as NATAS Holiday promotions
  • Return flights including all taxes and fees subject to currency fluctuation
  • Seats are limited and subject to availability
  • Maximum stay: 7 days (Bali)
  • *Bali Promotion is valid for Sunday and Monday departures from Singapore.
    Return on Thursdays or Fridays from Denpasar (Bali) only.
  • *Sales validity: 29th June – 31st August 2010 (Bali)
  • *Travel validity: 01st July – 30th September 2010 (Bali)
  • Sales validity: 15th August – 03rd September 2010
  • Travel validity: 06th September – 30th November 2010 (Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Muscat, New York, Sao Paulo, Washington)
  • Travel validity: 01st October – 30th November 2010 (Athens, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm)
  • Other conditions apply, please review at the time of booking

Check out NATAS Fair 2010 Promotion and NATAS Fair August 2010 Singapore NATAS Expo Aug 2010 details

source Qatar Airways

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