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Naruto 506 spoilers is online for reading now. Would Kisame have a fight with Guy Sensei only, or Naruto, Killer Bee and Yamato interfere! here is the latest naruto manga spoilers. Read Naruto Chapter 506 Online
Wow, Kisame would be up against this much! I guess Kisame will die..
Naruto 506 Spoiler Pics and Summaries
No! He should die.. but then who’s going to fight in the ninja war then?! only Madara, Sasuke, Kabuto and Zetsu?
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Gai’s elbow to Kisame caused the entrance at the waterfall to collapse, sealing Naruto and yamato inside and separating them from Bee.

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Kisame counter attack Gai and manage to injured him. Gai finally remembered who is Kisame and start to get serious.
Bee come from collapsed waterfal and start to get involved
Gai warn him not involved since Kisame’s is his fated enemy. So, the only shinobi can defeated him is gai himself.
Bee argue but Hachibi told him to let Gai finish him. Bee agree and let gai fight kisame alone.
read and download naruto manga ; Obon Festival in Japan, so Naruto 506 is the first spoilers to come after two week;
According to part one explanation of inner gate during the battle of Lee and Garaa, every ninja have 8 inner gate. Once releasing all 8 gates, that ninja will gain the strength which is stronger than Hokage but will die after the battle. Therefore, if Gai really releases all 8 inner gates, he will die along with Kisame.
List of Naruto 506 Predictions
1. Naruto 506 – Gai vs. Kisame
2. Naruto 506 – Kisame’s Final Stand
3. Naruto 506 – Gai’s Eight Gates Released !!

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