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Rating of 2012 is 1/5.

The rating only is giving the true picture of the Latest Hollywood Bash.  2012,  by Roland Emmerich has tried to give the picture three years down the line about a solar flare causing a polar shift.

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The movie is simple, several groups of people claw their ways out of crumbling cities to survive the mass destruction and make their way to what is basically Noah’s Ark for the 21st century.

Among our survivors is John Cusack, a failed novelist who moonlights as a limo driver in LA, who must get his estranged family to safety, and manages to do so while constantly looking like one of the Reservoir Dogs in his black suit with a skinny tie. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays a government scientist who discovers the oncoming disaster and warns President Danny Glover, while trying to evade Oliver Platt, who is only interested in saving wealthy people. Woody Harrelson is also sprinkled in there as the wily conspiracy theorist radio DJ.

DirectorRoland Emmerich is The Master of Disaster, having helmed a few movies that put human civilization on the brink of extinction from one cause or another. There’s always an unlikely hero, seldom a likely one, and familiar monuments get demolished rather convincingly through computer animation. There’s always a scientist who knows how it will play out, and somehow amid all of this, there’s romance in bloom.

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