Miss Universe 2010 Live Broadcast Channel 5 Singapore TV Live Telecast Miss Universe 2010

channel 5 Singapore Miss Universe 2010 Live.; Did some google search about how to watch miss universe 2010 live on Singapore TV;
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/d/da/MediaCorp_Channel5.jpg/200px-MediaCorp_Channel5.jpg THE MISS UNIVERSE 2010 PAGEANT WILL BE BROADCASTED IN THE FOLLOWING CHANNELS LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS, U.S.A.
will be broadcast ‘live’ on Channel 5 /HD5; Singapore Viewers can catch the ‘live’ action on MediaCorp channels 5;

Did not got any direct link or specific schedule to watch live telecast in Singapore.

Share your local TV Chanel news.

Other option left to watch live telecast of miss universe world 2010 is to watch online at USstream or NBC website.

If you can not catch you TV, then watch Live streaming on internet of Miss universe 2010 at Miss Universe Live Telecast Las Vegas On NBC TV | Miss Universe;

Official Site;
Miss Universe 2010 Live on TV5 Channel in Singapore;
miss universe 2010 telecast in
Singapore. miss universe live telecast Singapore channels; Miss Universe 2010 Telecast Singapore.

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