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I Remember Mama is a play by John Van Druten. Based on the memoir Mama’s Bank Account by Kathryn Forbes, it focuses on a loving family of Norwegian immigrants living on Steiner Street (identified as Larkin Street in the 1948 film) in San Francisco in the 1910s.

Produced by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, the Broadway production opened on October 19, 1944 at the Music Box Theatre and ran for 713 performances.

The cast included Mady Christians, Oscar Homolka, Joan Tetzel, and Marlon Brando, making his Broadway debut.

Shirley Caesar I Rremember Mmama Lyrics

I remember mama,
And the love that she gave
Kneeling by her bed side
I can still hear mama say,

“the people are depending on you, shirley,
Don’t you let them down”

I remember mama in a happy way
We went to school with holes in our shoes
We didn’t have much but the lord saw us through
Mama kept the family together
I remember mama in a happy way
She packed our lunch in an old greasy bag
It might’ve seemed empty,
But it was more than others had
It had a lot of love way down deep inside and
I remember mama in a happy way
Now mama is sleeping in the bosom of jesus christ
Somehow i know she’s smiling, she’s smiling on us right now
One day i’ll see her again, how happy i will be
And i remember mama in a happy way
My brothers and sisters, they’re living far apart
Although my mama’s gone, she’s right here in our hearts
We’re all gonna pull together and stay in the holy place
I remember mama in a happy way
I remember mama, i remember mama in a happy way

Remember Mama (1948) is the story of the ups and downs of a Norwegian immigrant family in San Francisco, held together by the stoic yet tender matriarch. The film was beautifully crafted by director George Stevens and Irene Dunne played the title role. Although long in production and expensive to make, the end result is a film that even today retains its potent sentiment without being overpowering. It was nominated for five Oscars, and spawned a successful television series, Mama, which ran on CBS from 1949-57. The film also inspired a musical stage show of the same name, which premiered on Broadway in 1979. read more

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