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Geet’s well-wisher
Episode : 109

Brij’s men are about to kill Geet but Maan saves her. Dev remembers Geet and feels guilty for spoiling her life. He plans to tell Maan the truth. Geet is touched when Maan tells her that he will always protect her and even says that he cannot live without her. Geet feels that fate always brings them together and Maan always saves her when in trouble. Geet tells Maan that she punished Brij for his crimes by sending him to the jail. Maan consoles Geet who feels homeless as her family disowned her. Geet and Maan return to Delhi. Naintara gets angry when Dev tells her that he feels guilty for having cheated on Geet and wants to tell the truth to Maan. Maan feels bad for Geet’s state and waits for the day when Geet will have faith in him and share all her worries with him.

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