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SINGAPORE RESOURCE PAGE FOR PSI. The Pollutant Standards Index, or PSI, It is based on a scale devised by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to provide a way for broadcasts and newspapers to report air quality on a daily basis. PSI in Singapore,

The highest PSI reading on record in Singapore is 226 in September 1997. PSI (API) in Malaysia,
Check out below links for from national environment agency website links, for Current PSI levels.

  1. 24-hourly PSI readings in Singapore
  2. Current PSI readings in Singapore

Todays nea weather forecast, update is,
The latest 24-hour PSI at 21 October 2010, 4pm is 84.

PSI – National Environment Agency
Singapore, Litter Free Effect of Smoke Haze View Current & Previous Month 24-hr PSI Readings for Singapore
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    “The latest satellite pass today detected 80 hotspots mainly in the Riau Province in Sumatra,” Sumatra fires bring haze ;NEA is monitoring the haze situation closely and will provide updates. The public may call 1800-CALL NEA (1800-2255 632) or access for any feedback or update on the situation. The latest 3-hour PSI at 21 October 2010, 9pm is 100. Sumatra fires bring haze

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