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Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) ragging photos or videos,
The two videos mentioned are particularly shocking to me because of two factors. First of all, the perpetrators are practically all females, with a few boys in the background cheering. I never knew women are into such cruelty as well. Second, it occurred in bright daylight at a crowded school canteen – where everybody can see! The poor victim was tied to a chin-up bar and attacked mercilessly. All in the name of “celebrating” her birthday. reports
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When the poor victim was first grabbed by her group of “friends”, she protested that she was wearing a skirt and may zaogeng. Instead of letting her go, they forced her to put on her PE shorts. The victim was then dragged unwillingly from the crowded canteen to a nearby chin-up bar to be tied up for the ensuing ritual. When she shouted for them to stop, they took a masking tape and stuck it over her mouth. A girl even hit her on the forehead to pin her down. When she said she cannot see because the grue got in her eyes, they poured water over her and threw more icky foodstuff at her face.


ACJC principal Kelvyna Chan declined to comment on the facts of the case. She said nobody had been expelled, and added: ‘From time to time, students are involved in actions which the school does not condone.’

‘With all matters pertaining to discipline, we include engagement with the parents and counselling for the students. The objective is always to learn from our mistakes, do better and be wiser.’


At least nine current and former ACJC students The Straits Times spoke to said they knew of the incident, with one having seen the video on his friend’s mobile phone.

‘What I saw disgusted me,’ said the second-year student, who said he could not bring himself to continue watching the rest of the clip.

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