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The 2010 Love Parade in Duisburg, Germany has ended in horrific fashion as at least 19 people have died in a stampede. Hundreds of others were injured, some seriously, as panic broke out in a tunnel when the overcrowded festival site was closed for fear of just such a mishap.

The “Love Parade” was held in the German capital until 2007, when he transferred to the Ruhr basin (west) and a year later to Dortmund, where 1.6 million people met. In 2011 will be held in the nearby town of Gelsenkirchen.

DEP a real pity all the victims and all my condolences to family and friends!

Meanwhile, a city spokesman has indicated that it has not stopped immediately the development of event to avoid panic among the other attendees. Duisburg police have booked a phone line for information to the families of the people attending the event: 0203 / 94 000, reports Anna-Maria Hollain.

Love Parade was born in 1989 a few months before the Berlin Wall was destroyed. Its initiator was Matthias Roeingh, also known as Dr. Motte. Was held as a political demonstration for peace and international understanding through music, although his real motivation might be simply a party.

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The incident took place after the exhibition which took place in the ‘Love Parade’ had been closed down by clutter, and a large number of people continue to press to enter the site.

The radio station WDR reported that some participants became aggressive when denied access to the site.

At the time of the accident the German police had distributed in the city, during the ‘Love Parade’, about 1,200 agents

Early in the afternoon a convoy began its journey with fifteen carriages, on which hundreds of people danced to the DJ and the place was more demanding.

At 17:00 hours the convoy of the ‘Love Parade’ was due to arrive to the premises of the former freight station, where the party should continue until the wee hours of the morning.

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According to several witnesses, the subway was packed for more than an hour. The shortness of breath and suffocation caused tens of fainting. Around five o’clock in the afternoon, panic ensued. The head of the cabinet crisis of Duisburg, Wolfgang Rabe, said last night on public television ARD that panic originated near an entrance to the pass. In this version, several people fell into the void while trying to sneak into the party climbing the fences. The police said, last night, these young people fell from a fire escape with trying to sneak. His fall from eight to 10 meters would have caused panic and the stampede of those who crowded into the tunnel. WDR public television also collected statements from witnesses who accused police of negligence.

While the tragedy is consummated in the tunnel, the party continued at the site. The organizers chose not to inform attendees to avoid further incidents and outbreaks of mass hysteria. Many in the Loveparade, the highest expression (number of visitors) of the nineties rave culture, illegal drugs and heavy alcohol drinking.

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