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Seeing a huge spike in keyword traffic for right now, turns out they are on 20/20 tonight. This is the web site that allows you to leave any type of gossip about a school mate or friend. Due to the anonymous nature of the posts it has caused some what of a controversy in the press. Right now the official website is down due the 20/20 mention.

A student at Colgate University has been arrested and charged this week

with aggravated harassment after he made a post on Juicy Campus, a site that serves as a public forum for students to anonymously gossip about others.

“I wonder if i could shut down the school by saying I’m going to
shoot as many people as i can in my second class tomorrow. I hope I get
more than 50,” 20-year-old George So wrote on Juicy Campus.

when it comes to school shootings, law enforcement thinks the ‘Net is serious business.

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