Houston Dome |Geodesic Dome can save Houstan from acute environmental Conditions

Houston city faces heat, hurricanes and other natural disasters very frequently. Houston ,the country’s fourth populated city has always been vulnerable to hurricanes and severe weather.

A solution to this severe weather of Houston city is to cover it by a geodesic dome. Such a dome may protect the city from such an acute environmental conditions.

Imagine a huge dome covering the city, higher to the skyscrapers of the city.

Watch on Discovery channel in mega builders, how your imagination can work out.

Geodesic dome area will stretch over 21 Million square feet, making it the biggest structure with the largest roof in the world.

Houston Dome’s broadest panels will be 15 feet across. It will take 147,000 panels to cover the city of Houston. Glass will not work for Houston Dome. It will be so heavy that it can’t hold. Houston Dome will require a much lighter material. It may come from the German city of Bremen, from a factory of Vector Foil Company.

Vector Foil is light polymer and is the future of glass. Its called ETFE , the only material that will make a fuller city-size dome possible.

ETFE can withstand winds of 180 miles per hour. This is higher velocity than the strongest category 5 hurricane.

Houston Dome will take years of construction and billions of dollars.

But the biggest question is will Houstan city ever see rainfall, and is it possible to sustain life without rain????

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