Conway Cover Up 911 Coverup Video Recent Rand Paul Event

Video of the precipitating events leading up to the altercation outside a recent Rand Paul event


1. SHOVED SIGN, INTO Rand, while he IS IN THE CAR. (at 00:16 Sec. mark)

2. Then, once Rand is outside, she RUNS AROUND RAND’s CAR and IS CLEARLY SEEN DARTING TOWARD RAND. (at 00:54 Sec. mark, she IS CLEARLY SEEN RUNNING PAST the left headlight of Rand’ Yukon. Then she makes an intercept path, and DARTS)
Earlier tonight at the Kentucky Senatorial debate , a Rand Paul supporter was filmed by a local news affiliate stomping on the head of a activist. The volunteer, Lauren Valle, was sent to the hospital after she explained what happened to the local press. The local fox station says that Valle had attempted to approach Paul before the debate took place. She was dressed in a blond wig and held a “RepublicanCorp” sign, attempting to mock the close-ties Republicans have with special interest.
“Just in time for Kentucky’s senatorial election: The Conways, drugs, cover-ups, and finger-pointing”…

** UPDATE 1:

“Conway Cover-Up: Media Ignores Admitted Obstruction Of Justice ”…

** UPDATE 2:

DEFINITIVE PROOF that the HIRED POLITICAL ACTIVIST MERCENARY, Lauren Valle (PUBLIC, ARREST RECORD: W/F, DOB 5/4/87, 415 Shorewood Drive East, Falmouth, MA)
Other news on youtube videos..links..
Rand Paul and Lauren Valle
Rand Paul fan tries to curb stomp woman

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One thought on “Conway Cover Up 911 Coverup Video Recent Rand Paul Event

  1. About a week before Russ met with investigators, Jack Conway received a telephone call from a supporter, businessman Charles Alexander. According to the records, he told Conway that he had been in a downtown restaurant where he heard Detective Carthan discussing the drug investigation involving Matthew Conway.

    The records reflect varying accounts of what Carthan allegedly said. He told police investigators that while talking with a friend at the restaurant about the drug inquiry, he merely mentioned his investigation and said he had heard “a lot of incriminating things” about Matthew Conway.

    Carthan told the investigators that he considered the investigation closed because it had already been compromised when Russ told Conway he was being investigated.

    But Alexander told police that Carthan overheard him chatting with an acquaintance about fund-raising for Jack Conway, who was locked in a close primary-election campaign with Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo for the Senate.

    Alexander said Carthan told them not to “waste their money” on Jack Conway, “that he had a case on Conway’s brother and that he was ‘dirty’ (corrupt),” according to the records. Alexander declined to discuss the matter with the newspaper.

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