Barack Obama Visit To India Delhi Parliament In November 2010

Obama visit to India:

The U.S Preident Barack Obama is visiting India recently at the month of October. Due to his visit the security at delhi had being made tight, and from November 7th there will be control on traffic regulations in the city, Superior police officers said.

He will be staying at Maurya Sheraton Hotel at sardar patel, the peoples visit and stay at that hotel will be restricted a day before his visit. The security is completely given to his personal and us special security forces.

This security will be regulated by the delhi police. The CRPF is also posted for the security of Barack Obama. The security will be also given to his wife Mishell Obama.

He will be addressing the parliament, and visiting Mahathma Gandhi’s cremation, rajghat also on that visit.
Lets hope for good outcome from his visit to india. The discussions should be in favor of india, about kashmir issue and open declarations of pakistans.

Mr. Obama should reconsider or he should frame his tactics and rules on outsourcing, the number of H1-B visa. From last two years H1-B visa kota’s are not getting filled, most of the cases are rejected. And To the consultants its like they have shut down their shops. Its not only consultants, but there are lots of talented pool waiting here in India, And few of them have already made a place to other countries like, Singapore, Austria, Uk etc.

At the end of the Day Otucome that matters.. By that time crossed our legs..Whats your take..

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