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HRD Ministry is planning for New grading system for CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education; CBSE schools from the next academic year with no pass or fail category.
CBSE chief Vineet Joshi said the grades will cover a range of marks through which the students will be assessed. Students will get Grades in instead of marks in their report card.

How New CBSE grading system will work?
New grading system will be like this,
Students getting above 90 per cent will be given A+ Grade,
students getting above 80 per cent will be accorded A grade.
The last grades will be D, which will be less than 30.
And The Grade E will be last one with less than 20 percentage marks.
Grade E in New grading system of CBSE
IF students get grade E in more than two subjects then he will be not allowed to go for next year class, means he will be failed.
The new grading system will be accessed twice in a year, First term and second term, First term will be of 60 marks, with accessed for students all rounder qualities, along with its academics. Second term will be of 40 marks.

The grades will be accorded based on absolute marks.

CBSE new gradingĂ‚ system is looking promising by bridging gap between different CBSE board’s and their syllabus.

There will not be pass or fail category under the new system which will help students not to develop any complex over their marks.

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