Tiger Temple

When ex-Deputy Manager of the RSPCA Stubbington Ark, Karen Earp, read about the Tiger Temple in a magazine, she wanted to know more.

Research on the internet showed that the temple not only takes in orphaned cubs found by villagers or rescued from poachers at border control, it has now become a conservation project with a breeding programme. Several cubs have been born at the temple and there are plans for future generations to be returned to the wild – although donations are needed to fund this project.

However, the research also revealed allegations that the tigers are drugged, have teeth and claws removed, are vegetarian and spend all of their time in cages that are too small. (Before you continue reading, you should know that all of these allegations proved to be completely unfounded and are obviously uninformed. Teeth and claws not removed and firmly in evidence, not vegetarian, caged some of the time in large spotless cages and absolutely NOT drugged.)

We thought we would start our site by putting up some of our favourite photographs.

There are several hundred to go through, so this page may change.

As a visitor to the temple you will be able to pat the tigers and have your photo taken with them.

A lucky few may have their photo taken with a tiger�s head in their lap.

We were so lucky to be able to get many of our photographs because we were working with the tigers and living on temple grounds.

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