Hidden Casualties of US Meltdown

<<<Right now, there are no real counts of the many extreme
acts born of the financial crisis, but assuredly other
murders, suicides, self-inflicted injuries, acts of
arson and of armed self-defense have simply gone
unnoticed outside of economically hard-hit
neighborhoods in cities and small towns across America.
With no end in sight for either the foreclosures or the
economic turmoil, Americans may have to brace
themselves for many more casualties on the home front.
Unless extreme economic steps, like mortgage- and debt-
forgiveness, are implemented, the number of extreme
acts and the ultimate body count may be far more
extreme than anyone yet wants to contemplate.>>>

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On October 4, 2008, in the Porter Ranch section of Los
Angeles, Karthik Rajaram, beset by financial troubles,
shot his wife, mother-in-law, and three sons before
turning the gun on himself. In one of his two suicide
notes, Rajaram wrote that he was “broke,” having
incurred massive financial losses in the economic

The fallout from the current subprime mortgage debacle
and the economic one that followed has thrown lives
into turmoil across the country

Associated Press, ABC News, and others have begun to
address the burgeoning body count, especially suicides
attributed to the financial crisis.

Since the beginning of the year, stories of
resistance to eviction, armed self-defense, canicide,
arson, self-inflicted injury, murder, as well as
suicide, especially in response to the foreclosure
crisis, have bubbled up into the local news, although
most reports have gone unnoticed nationally

many more casualties on the home front

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