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Vivek Oberoi after lot of confusion married priyanka alwa on Oct 29 ,and this is arranged marriage.She is 28 studied in Britain and her father is former karnataka minister and her mother is dancer.Vivek oberoi full hearted accept this marriage though he fails to marry aiswarya rai. vivek oberoi completed 34 two months before. oberoi and priyanka held their reception in bombay on sunday and ofcourse their marriage held in farm house in karnataka.Vivek oberoi as you are already known ,very smart wearing brown sharwani and priyanka with red colour  choli dress added additional beautiful scene.Both of them looking colourfully in photos and videos.

The whole marriage in touch of punjabi style and close related bollywood stars with some politicians was in marriage.The marriage is totally different atmosphere and the decorations in farmhouse reception is beautiful and spacious.Oberoi sketched his wife as he told about her” she is more than what i expect”.

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