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Archana father and her mother went to sammandhis house to collect invitation.on the way he met old friend asking about the fight with wife and he told that ” As you are jolly type you can enjoy with your wife after your last daughter marriage.Already archana father got angry for covering selvam property and made write to vasu ,his second son.Archana father promise to her mother bakkiam that he never to be husband for you hereafter ,but due the marriage just com ewith you.But i will be the third person for you.

There both of them saw the girl who bargain for buying vegetables and she went to that bride house.She is one of the money minded person and she didnt know about the value of man.She asked them why you didnt bring the jewels but you promise me to put on the engagement.Finally the boy who is the bride replied ,”i want only my wife who am going to marry not anybody, then I am not interested in getting jewels.suddenly her sister tell ” I am not going to be here anymore”.

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