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Selvam Father ,sister come to selvam house for discussing about the vasu opening ceremony.Selvam want his father to attend the function.His father refused .Selvam kindly told ” Pa please though he thrown me and build departmental store on this place ,anyway he is now having idea to come up in his life ,we want them to grow up we are all to bless him  because ,vasu didn’t  not tried in his life before”.Apart from that you know how the sorrounding peoples talk if we itself not attend ,then they are all talk about our family in lower way.His father also accept this reason .

Archana brother as he know about his wife character  and her plan on sister life doesnt want to live with her anymore.So she came to her mother house.Btoh of them felt sad on it and blaming why this happened ,is it for my bad thought?.Already archana brother be false love on priya.priya decide not to live with him anymore. That time archana mothers brother came there and tell her”please take care of my daughter as she going to study in the chennai and i cannot have anyone to tell.Archana mother plan for son marriage with her brothers daughter.She ask about the rasi and natchitra ,he told what she is. and ask her why ask this ? archana brother told that she wish to marry son with your daughter ,is it ok?.suddenly he felt angry with her and said ” i cant expect this from you ,please leave your words now itself ,i felt shame on me and i now your son bad character and the news on paper  and boycott that place with his family.

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