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Selvam and archana mother want to see doctor to explain about priyas condition and her husband ,and their aim to convince doctor for change the baby.initially the doctor avoid that kind of speech by telling “this is well name hospital, don spoil the name “.But afterwards ,the doctor also accept with them for telling lie because she know the condition of priyas family.
As early planned selvam and his mother in law ready to see archana and want to told that your baby is live .Archana get conscious selvam went to archana room ,there selvam sister told brother “anni want to see the baby “. .selvam weighted heart and just control himself said that our baby in incubator and it is boy baby.Archana request her mother to ask doctor to see baby.her mother also accept with her.Both of them went to babyroom,there they shocked the baby was not there.They asked the nurse and she told them that duty nurse want to shift the baby from incubator to mothers room ,so she went to priya room.At first priya was not conscious ,but at the time of taking the baby from priya priya get conscious and said baby was too good and it likes me .
Priya ask mother “why you are sad”
her mother told priya “its not your baby and it is archana baby.priya shocked about the news.
Priya husband now becoming good and enjoy the news of boy baby to him.and he tell that he want to see my baby as soon.

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