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Selvam and his mother in law discuss with doctor ,after sometime both of them come outside with tears .Selvam cant control the tears and with reddish eye told that he lost son.The baby was dead before delivery ,that is at the time of accident.Both of them shout once again about this loss.
Priya also admitted in hospital for delivery whose baby was good but before at the time of checking her baby is not getting sufficient strengh .Selvam told how can i tell to archana and how she tolerate this news and added ” you know how she is affectionate with her baby.mother in law told him not to tell anything to all,let it be please confident on yourself.
I can manage all of them.Selvam asked how could you?
She ask to come.All of them waiting for the news of doctor what they had.Asking one by one what happened?
selvam cant manage so he told”baby was died”.All of them was sad about the news.Suddenly his mother in law who is archana mother suddenly said “yah its true ,priyas baby was dead”.Selvam surprised about the news.All of sad for a minute and they just control because this is known to all at the time of check up.moreover priya now not with her husband and so baby is not issue.If priya is with baby ,her future is spoiled and so she requested selvam not to tell and added”please agree with me”.
Selvam father who is very eager to see the baby and ask selvam ” can i able to saw the baby”.archana mother replied “No” and as the baby is in incubator for 48 hrs .He tell “ok” and tell ” i will be back soon “and leave the place.Archana family also leave that place.
archana mother request selvam “keep it as secret” and this news is to be for you and me .
Priya can able to tolerate this news?

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