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Archana mother already in sadness again stuff with the sadness of her crying daughter priya .priya didn’t take food and she is in thought of her preganancy time .She become confident after pregnancy that’s because of her baby,she want to rub her failure in life after the birth of child.priya murmuring with her ma who came to room for compelling to take milk at least.She said that is always unlucky ,first of alll i get disappointed by her husband and then now my child death.

Priya mother put words as such priya relieve from sadness soon and she want to take at least milk.At that time priyas dad receive call from hospital that his son in law discharge her first daughter archana.He told his wife “now only am in satisfied because if suppose priyas child is live and archana baby is dead means ,think about priyas life”.Priya mother cannot control herself feelings and her promise and she told to her husband ” priya child was actually live ,the archana baby only dead,but after thinking that future of priya i request archana husband also to sacrifice with her for lying and so he also accept this matter.

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