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Watch Tv online Serial thirumatghi selvam tv serial online Nov 17 tv serial online.Here is the full story updates with latest video you tube online.
Vasu felt sad on why her wife not getting pregnant and he doubt himself whether due to body condition and he went to bar to meet friends and ask about it.His friend said your brother got child now only and then why you got unnecessary thinking ,you never have this gene problem and all.But after sometime his friend added “may be your hormone mistake because of drinking”.Vasu get confused.

Archana went outside for buying things ,priya already tensioned what to do while the time of crying and about sister words on previous.Archana didn’t want to share his motherliness with priya when she gave mothers milk to baby moreover archana warned priya .Now also baby cried much priya shut mouth and control her hands.Archana came inside with hurry and take baby with care and saw priya standing there ,she asked “why didn’t care about my baby?”.priya said”You said hereafter don’t touch my child”.Archana replied”priya i didn’t say in that sense but sharing your feeding to baby is not good”.
Baby was stop crying when priya take him on hand.Archana got thrilled “why and how stop crying while she takes but not me”.

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