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Selvam and archana went to archana mother house after all compromise.there priya sitting lonely inside the room ,archana asked priya “why you didnt come while enter with my baby.Priya said ” I am unlucky girl ,already i lost baby ,so i am here.archana with weight hearted says ” please don say like this ,always you ar emy sister.Then all of them went for puja hall to pray for the invite of first baby to house.There archana mother pray to god loudly ,though you take archana baby anyhow you give some other baby to archana like wise ,keep well.All in sudden saw and ask about “why you pray like this?”.her husband anyway she pray to god like archana first baby was dead and second in hand.

After lunch archana went for hand wash ,there she saw one banana tree newly sowed and her sarry picked by that.She asked Why this tree is newly sowed.Her anni said” priya baby filled inside”.the sad atmosphere with song really it was touching scene.

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