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Archana is very much happy with her baby but she is so careful on priyas condition during pregnancy itself.Archana is very caring on priyas health ,though baby was dead.archana ask her mother about priyas health condition ,her mother said” priya is still crying ‘.all known priya is so affectionate with her baby on pregnancy itself.Now ,the changing of baby known to priyas dady also.He said to selvam ” i know about the change of baby,its all for good for priya and archana future”.He added saying “think of baby future from now onwards.
Selvam and priya father went to doctors room ,there the doctor said “this is the first time of change in this hospital and all for you ,its risky matter for baby also ,so take it in serious way.selvam accept what she says and tell her ” i can able to manage those things with cried heart”.
Archana getting ready for going home ,her mother ask her to come to my home.She said “no,i am not”.Her mother felt sad that she never forgot the old things happened.

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