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Thendral -Thulasi and grandma enter into house where brothers friend who come stay for wrong business issue.They just enter into sister room where she change dress.At that time thulasi came and said “stop the non sense”.Just go out of my house.He never want to out before finishing his business so he says sorry for that and just want to stay by thinking that place is the right place .Thulasi dont want to leave this matter She added that she going to slap if they still stay with them and loud with all “what he do”.All of them in sudden out of her house.Thulasi tell he sister go inside the room and be careful hereafter.

Tamil friend ,three members suddenly came to hospital for seeing the taml condition and say that they were not at the town for the past days and now only came .tamil anni ask them to go out and she didn’t like to  permit them.Tamil sister ask   them” why you people spoil Tamil life”.they said “what are you asking”.She replied about thulasi.They told thulasi is one of the gem character and surely she is not the reason for all Tamil murder.lavanya tamil sistersays about photo “thlasi with velayutham “.Tamil friend told lavanya “as you are the educated one why you too believe that ,may that is purely merged one”.

At that time tamil mother went to police station to show the vulgar photo of thulasi and velayutham.The police says that this photo is not the true one and it is mergeable one.but tamil mother not listen to them and she said “please arrest both of them and take out the investigation”.the SI also accept with them and ask the junior police to take them to police station for investigation.the junior police who is the right hand of velayutham added bad words about thulasi to senior head.He said that he went and ask to people about the thulasi character” the girl is bad in character”.

Lavanya want Tamil to hate tulasi by shown of this photo.Tamil hate thulasi ? and believe his family words.

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