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Thendral sun tv serial tamil drama online video, with written updates live, enjoy . Thulasi ,her grand ma and thulasi sister went to see the thulasi father .There thulasi chiti and her son blame thulasi that she is the culprit because she said the group of boys to go out.Thulasi chiti told ” i am just waiting for thulasi for scolding her”.Already the group call him said the matter in reverse.What he told is ” he never see the sister room and not enter while dress changing”.thulasi explain what is happened in the morning but she never want to listen.
At the time her grandma get giddiness ,the nurse told thulasi to go for pressure check up.The police enter into hospital and ask thulasi to come for the station.Thulasi ask why? and he said ” You are the person who see the person the culprit so please came and identify who is involved in tamilarasu case.thulasi also aceept with him without knowing the arrest matter of thyulasi due to vulgar photo of thulasi ,where thulasi mother in law came and put the complaint on thulasi to take action.
thulasi went police station lonely without knowing this issue ?who came and save thulasi?

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