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Thulasi Family with urgency went to hospital with the guide of police inspector,there they saw thulasi standing outside.At that time ,tamil mother scold thulasi why you are standing here without spending money for tamil health and said “please go out of this hospital then only my son get well,he is sick after marrying you”.Tamil mother tear the thulasi heart.thulasi with patient beg her that she want to be there and just hug the pillar in the hospital for support ,but no use tamil mother move her out.Lavanya and anni on that place didn’t tell anything to mother.Finally tamil brother pay that amount two lakh and request doctor to start the operation soon.

thulasi come her home where her chiti sit on chair coolly without getting tension,then she asked chiti for money that too for giving auto.Thulasi ask “why you didn’t help me when i call you” and said “why you silently cut the  phone without saying any word”.She added though you may hate me ,what tamil did for you.please think.Her Chiti refused to do help ” why i want to help you”.At that time with the sound “Thulasi what happened why you are crying” said by her father and grandma.Thulasi told him what happened.Father convince thulasi that his father in law be live for long years “you don’t worry and lets move to the hospital now”.Thulasi tell that she call chiti but she is not responded to my call at that time.Thulasi father angry on his wife for this cheap behaviour and slap on her cheek.

Tamil mother again murmuring “see how thulasi coolness “.Anni saw thulasi,her father,grandma in front .Tamil mother again scold thulasi family totally and asked to go out.

the serial end with lot of questions ,Tamil be live or not?

How thulasi be accepted by tamil family?

to know about it ,lets see tomorrow.

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  1. This serial is utter worst, indecent, complete nonsense. If you keep on watching this serial you will become physco. Please opt out this out of your life if you want your life is good. The words out of everyone in this serial wont give your mind peace of life. Please avoid watching this complete nonsense.

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