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Ganga husband transfer to thanjavur collector where ganga still working as sub collector.the officials are waiting for the collector arrival,collector came  and make visit all officials and receive Flower boake and shawls from junior officials.But he didn’t care of ganga and her flower ,not receive it.Ganga felt sad ,where all others note this environment and murmuring about ganga and her husband seriousness.Ganga silently give the flowers to office boy and ask him to gave to collector.

ganga mother eagerly waiting for gangas arrival from office to know about the matter happens.ganga said “yah ,he take my flowers and say thanks “.Rama the younger sister came to room said ” no she is saying lie  and mama didnt care about my sister ,and she added he didnt know how to behave in public as collector”.this news which i heared from your car driver.

ganga patiently accept this and tell to rama “i said lie for mothers health and she didn’t accept the truth ,though she already sad”.elavanji brother keep person inside collector office t note whether collector touch with ganga or not ,he never want to live ganga as satisfied.

Ganga mother in law already get angry on ganga for abortion and she is more and more tension due to her sister who is with her.

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