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Thangam-Ganga was so upset that why her husband told me to abot and why he framing it in front of all.elavanji was the main reason who started this problem in front of guest during valaikappu.elavanji thought of ending hands with kannan.Elavanji went to ganga mother in law house to enhancing the problem.As her wish ,ganga mother in law said  that ” ganga need not to come here and didn’t like that also,I cant forgive ganga for her mistake .moreover my son never say to abot and am having the confident.elavanji felt happy and want to seen it more . Elavanji told her if you dont want ganga then what about her jewels and other things.Kannan mother urgently walk on to upstairs and just pack of ganga dresses and jewels .She said ” please take this out and go out.Elavanj and manju akka just take that and said to her friend who also mingle for this plan to marry her daughter with kannan.Elavanji went to ganga mothers house and tell whats happening there.Ganga sister didt like elavanji and she told her “i am not going to believe what elavanji told and moreover you are the reason why my sister ganga is in this situation.Elavanji shown what she taken in suitcase.all of sudden ganga mother didn’t know what to do.

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