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Ganga felt sad why her husband behave like this and only thing she know is the reason is his mother in law who get promise from kannan ,ganga husband.Rama talk with her husband and her mother in law about ganga and the problem.At that elavanji came and talk that “now only i came from gangas house ,her mother in law hate ganga and there is no way to reenter of ganga into that house”.elavanji mather said “dont make mistake and ganga to be the sonn soon ,just wait and see.

elavanji want to seperate rama ,ganga sister and her brother jeyachandiran.Elavanji doesnt want to live rama also here with husband and she want to destruct ganga family the whole.
Elavanji silently put words that the boy is still love with rama and you know he is still calling rama now also”.jeyachandiran got doubt on rama now and just leave of that place.

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