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Elavanji play game for the divorce of ganga and so she just went to ganga mother in law house and told something erratic and she took the ganga things out from there.Rama who is younger sister just know all about elavanji anni and said “please go out of the house,we will not believe you”.rama mother control her daughter and say sorry to elavanji.After knowing of all to aiya ,he was waiting for elavanji with karthik ,his elder son and his wife nachiyaa.After entry of elavanji,aiya sound ” why you went there ,and i am not going to drink a cup of water on your hands.Please behave yourself.

Elavanji shocked and leave there.The next day ,ganga mother doing pooja for ganga future and joining with her that time rama came and said your pooja definitely going to join mama and akka.She added ” yah .thats true ,mama transfered to thanjavur area from tomorrow.
ganga came there and said “i didn’t know about this transfer and this collector transfer are kept as secret,even he also knows now only.ganga said ” I don know ,this is good or not and sometimes the one working atmosphere create so many problems than before.
ganga mother pray god for goodness.

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