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Thangam Starts with the scene of vallaikappu ,that ganga told to all that she is not pregnant and she got abotion on the accident which she want to save her husband. Her husband told her to say afterwards and got promise from her.Ganga told aiya to wait for sometime that she want her husband to say the truth.ganga mother in law had attack after she heard news of ganga abortion and admitted in hospital.ganga husband enter into the madapam where all the friends and relatives are waiting for the arrival of him and his truth.Aiya told him to say the truth ,but he says that he unknown about the abotion .I love ganga before marriage but now she refuse to do anything i thought ,i hate her and no more i live with her.I just come here to say this and actually this is personal issue but because of ganga i just want to say this to all.Ganga refuse the speech of what her husband told and ask him to promise in mangalayam,but he never want to do.Before at the time of abortion vadivu who is daughter in law of aiya also be with them.She also told that you said ” please dont tell now this matter to all ,after i explain to all.ganga husband ask vadivu”how much ganga give for saying this”.All f them was got tensioned .kartik ,his wife and her father cool on hearing this news and they felt happy and enjoying this news by giving money to all the labours.

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