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Majority of the Tv shows are related to serial and thier sadness ,even all families merge into the serial for thier sadness.In different Vijay Tv recently play many programs which is very useful and offcourse thinkable one.The neeya naana discussing the topics with people who are in stage related to topics and finally analysing solving the problem.this week about the make up groomers.One side boy groomers and in other side girl groomers.
The question is who is fake groomers,while grooming and how?
What are the positive issues of grooming?
How confident came and in what way?
if girl is groomers already ,then why boy copied from them?
what are the accessories looking non sense while grooming in boys and girls
What girls like in boy grooming?
and what boy like in girl dressing?
Unmatching dressing sense and why?
How changes occur in language style and walkstyle after grooming.
The style will be copied from others ,then the orginality will broke.
Gopinath take this topic in too interesting way.Gopinath try to locate where is mistake in grooming and how they should not do.

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