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Vijay Tv telecast different shows which is put great solute from peoples and welcome this type of shows. One of them isNeeya Naana. In this show telecast weekly and guest is invited each week with Two groups of peoples with two opinions ,talk about their plus and minus,different  questions from yognath who start and end with judgment. Different topics are talked out to analyse and solve different types of problems. At the end of the show the prize given to well speeches personality. The judge on weeks based and related with topics. The topics are not only the political issues,developments but about family problems,personal problems. And off course this program can give chance for so many peoples ,their talk,their own establishment to media. Many of them find solution by watching this program, never miss this .Watch every Sunday 9.00 to 10.30PM.
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This is one of the famous episode about nithyananda behavior TRUE OR FALSE

Neeya Naana Vijay Tv Show Husband vs Wife Part 1;
STAR – VIJAY – Neeya Naana; For the first time in Tamilnadu, Vijay TV has come up with a unique “light hearted” talk show called “Neeya? Naana?” (You? or Me?) every Sunday at 9 pm

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