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Nathaswaram tv serial is simply real life story Nov 15 here is the full updated serial.Gopi who is real lover to malar at first ,malar who also loves him.But both of them not express them.Gopi loves his family than malar,in particular his dady.Gopi father very much affectionate with his son and he didnt do anything without consulting gopi.
His father mouli who gave promise to her sister that his son will marry your daughter and soon he become father in law.gopi also accept what his father do for marriage.Moreover from childhood they decide that relation will be more strong .

Malar also accept with her family and give ok to marriage with other guy who is belongs to coimbatore.But she accept because of gopi marriage .At one occasion before marriage they meet each other on temple where she said that i loved nowalso but i accept because of you and now twell me you have love on me or not.Gopi already sincerely loved her so he also accept with force.Both of them decided to convince thier parents top stop marriage .Malar easily put words “i have no problem in stopping this marriage because in my case he is broad minded person and he already ask me whether you are in love with anybody and so its me simple.Gopi again felt sad that his father words.His father just listen to words what they are speaking.Finally malar compromise gopi to accept for marriage and added .Now decided to marry.

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