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This serial goes with some more curiosity this week and rathiga playing the main role.Rathiga brother ratharavi is already fight with his sister and in separate house.Ratharavi is now loosing all his property because of his  treated second wife.Ratharavi stolen his own wife jewels without knowing about second wife.After some days she open the bureau for jewels ,at that time she come to know that she lost all jewels and said “my jewels are stolen”.Already ratharavi ask his wife for his jewels for giving salary to construction workers.But all the details are carried out by sneha and she want to  blame ratharavi and his family.So she just gave that jewels to her father in safe and give him false report of salary details.Ratharavi  wife doubted her husband after she is remind by the josiyam.And they identify the person who stole this jewels.Ratha ravi mather in law and his wife went to sneha house to check whether she has it or not?.The face they seen in that josiyam was sneha face.Both of them fight with sneha and check the cubboards and thrown away all the things.

Sneha tell them if you behave in front of my hus ,he will out of you “.Sneha wait for his arrival and scold him like” please don’t come here anymore ,get out”ratharavi want the reason what she behaves ,and she explain what happen.Finally,he went out i will give them punishment and sorry for the happenings.

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