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Chellama the name of radhika who is always helping person.Now her anni also came to forgive her for all mistakes.she never expect this from her.Actually ,what happened is her husband just throw her and join with her second wife.So,she realise all the mistakes and ask sorry to all the persons even chellama husband.
Chellama believe her and told her to stay on with her until ,her brother call her.After that anni remind her to remove the muraipattu which is one of the religious matter,she also accept with her and get ready to remove that.
Anni feels so tired and the next day is chellama valaikappu.Suddenly feels giddiness and told her.Chellama ask “What happened to you”.anni daughter told chellama that she was admitted in hospital a day before due to liver failure and for that cause to pay the amount twenty lakhs immediately and so “my father said I will pay the amount and discharge maa” and after that he never came there to see.So we discharge her.Chellama get shocked after hearing this news.She urgently call auto to get admitted her anni.Chellama ask doctor to carry out the operation i will pay the amount.The doctor also accept with her and say “please call her husband for signature”.chellama in confused stage dont know how to tackle this problem and how her brother came there.Because already her brother cuts chellama relation.Chellama ask annis daughter to go head and ask for dad.She taught atleast he came after seeing his daughter.
But,she just avoidede by second wife and father,he said ” i dont care about my wife ,leave as it is,let it be her death”chellama call all the dealers who is in present work and ask for the advance amount for the work she had to be in future.She is one of the truthful personality and she had the amount.
how the operation be without her husband?

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