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Watch Athu Ithu Ethu Fun Competition ShowNov 27 Latest Updates Video You Tube Online

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Watch Athu ithu ethu vijay tv show competition round latest video online you tube video.
It is different fun competition program well going by siva kartikeyan.All cine artist can participate in this program.The three rounds are identify the dupe character.Each week three members who have been specialist one like veena,or may be in cook anything else,the thing is they do the professionalism on stage .The competitors once watch the work identify the false person.the second round is siricha pochu round ,all comedy artist who try to create laugh on competitors by cracking jokes , mimic,etc.

The third round is poi solla poram round ,the competitors tell story should comprises of three lies and the other must able to find out the lie.All the three round are totally different

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