Thirumathi Selvam Oct 4 SunTV Serial Written Updates Thirumathi Selvam SunTV Serial Full Story

This week starts with kaviya who is archana middle sister married to cherrian ,rich cultured man studied in US.He is always believe the raju who plan for misbehave to kaviya.The canada trip trip taken by cherrian without knowing this plan,and kaviya did nt know how to explain this person behaviour to cherrian.Raju blackmail kaviya that if she tell about him ,that he will sure spoil her life with cherrian.Cherry called kaviya from canada and tell her that he finish all his work and going to return this night.Kaviya felt happy about this news and  with pleasure turn,there raju with smile face tell her ” What  kaviya this much happy today,cherry return is it”,then kaviya asked “hey man how you know that., he replied “According to cherry , i am the believable sincere man in the company ,so he first inform me before ten minutes”.Kaviya stunned,she didn’t know how to escape from him.He tell kaviya that this want to be the first night for you and me,so be ready ,otherwise i spoil your life.Kaviya tears push the lashes on her eye with flamed heart thought of what to do then.

Archana  realise that baby movement clearly and call selvam ,her husband to see ,then he also join with her and both enjoy their baby movement.Atlast selvam told archana ,ok i think priya come ,dont be with me as closer ” then he move that place ,just see priya,the younger sister of archana on that door step,he said”sorry priya i told because of your childishness ,priya said hereafter don’t rough on my sister because of me and my situation,  be both in love.

Selvam happy with her maturity mind,and feel priya has this much maturity.

Selvam brothers wife accept with the reasons of bla bla bla ,what her husband told.This change only because of selvam advice while she went to see selvam for inviting for opening ceremony.Her mother happy with that change.Selvam brother vasu also happy with his wife change in character.but she told her mother” what i said is i could able to give birth ,no next generation from this family hereafter and i used safety precaution  from yesterday night itself” please mummy don’t compel me hereafter and this is the punishment for vasu for his rowdyism.

The serial ends with ,Did vasu change his rowdyism in future?

What about Priya delivery ?

lets see tomorrow………………………….

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