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The serial starts with hospital the serious condition of  Tamil and tears of thulasi.Thulasi don’t know how to tackle the amount.Tamil family ,his mother,brother,sister all get ready for going to temple.At that time the police came there to tell about incident but the tamil mother avoid police to tell about that ,she murmuring that tamil is not my son and just scold him .The senior officer told the police to tell about the incident and ask them to come to hospital as soon.Finally Tamil mother listen to the police what he says,after hearing that tamil condition,she said”oh god why you want to suffer my son this much,is it my words on angry comes real on him,i am not to be mother.

lavanya his sister “oh my brother what happen to you ,where are you now”.Tamil brother who fight with him before also felt serious and tears on his eyes said “we all want to see tamil ,where is he”?

Thulasi,with curiosity  for doctor words on tamil,ask doctor tamil condition.The doctor replied” Tamil is in serious condition only,he should be attended within thirty minutes ,so please pay  initial amount  and operation charges goes upto2.00lakh.Thulasi request doctor” pleasesir think it as your sister and help me “the doctor said ” you  told me that i can able manage that’s why i admit here as this is large amount i cant do help for you so pay the initial amount for patient.Thulasi replied “ok ”  but she till now don’t now how to pay this amount.

How the thulasi got help?from the tamil family or else……….

think it of ,lets share tommorow.

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