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Thendral -Tamil arasu sister ,lavanya tension oh her mind by thinking himself life.As tamilarasu engaged with the charu,at that time itself charu family decide to give charu brother to lavanya.Lavanya,krish charu brother both were fall in love after sawing each other.

Tamil arasu went to ask sisters lover whether he is truly love her or not.tamilarasu saw him,charu brother felt angry on seeing ,fight with him ,why you spoiled your life and charu life?

tamil cooly say just i love thulasi ,dont want to forget her life long,so i married.

Charu brother told that means “you forget charu and her love” , ” why dont you tell the truth to charu before itself”

Tamil said ” i thought to tell ,but she never respond me to hear my words”

actually i planned to marry thulasi after getting permission from charu,but fake is  my mother and her knife words make me to marry thulasi as soon.

Finally,charu brother understand with tamil ,by saying i cant forget your sister”

how you live without lavanya?

he said that he is going to foreign after getting visa and marriage is not in my life anymore and add that he only marry lavanya if his family memebers again accept your family.Tamilarasu promise him that he took responsibilty for lavanya marriage.

Tamil straightly went to charu house with the notice for 1 crore which is send by charus father.Charus father with hot flamed heart,by his daughters life fight with tamil ” please go out of my house”

The serial start with pleasant thendral going strong cyclone

When this problem get solved

When lavanya marry? is charu still love tamil,she marry him or not?

lets see tomorrow

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